Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons

Holley's Stix is providing fitting services for Tom Wishon's Sterling Single Length Irons. The single length concept has met with great success with some golfers and not so much with others. Frankly, single length irons may not work for every golfer. It is a matter of going through the fitting process and testing to see if the single length concept will work for you. Contact Holley's Stix for more information and to set up a clubfitting appointment.
Here is some feedback from one golfer who has been very pleased with his Wishon Sterlings.

I wanted to follow-up with you after my first 18 holes with my new Sterlings that you built.  As you know I was very interested in a set of same length golf clubs.  I have been playing with a set of Pinhawks for the last 18 months. At age 77 I wanted to simplify my golf game and I was sure that a set of same length irons would help me accomplish this. Before the Pinhawks I did try the same length ONE IRON 3 wood. (I couldn't hit this club to save my life, too heavy and no real feel to the club.  Back to the Pinhawks- My set included steel lite shafts with an A flex and Winn midsize grips.  The clubs fit me better but I still had a problem with them.  I could not hit the 4 hybrid and the clubs hit the ball shorter than I was used to. (otherwise my 5 iron became my 6 iron, the 6 became my 7 iron and so on.  I did not have the accuracy with the Pinhawks that I needed to score well. At age 77 I carry a 12 handicap.  You did try to help set up these clubs to my swing but it became apparent that it was the clubs and not your club making abilities.

I remember quite a few months ago when you told me about the new Sterlings being made by Wishon.  I was quite impressed by the articles you sent me regarding Tom Wishon's outline of how and why he was making same length clubs to certain specs.  I told you then lets take me through a new fitting session and have you build me a set of same length irons that really fit my game.  Going through the fitting session helped me understand what and why you would make my Sterlings fit my swing.  We decided on Wishon A graphite blue shafts, 36 1/2 length, Winn W-7 grips and the set would be 5-6-7-8-9-PW-GW-SW and a Wishon LW. As you recommended I really did not need a hybrid.

As you know I have not played much golf in the last 8 months due to a health condition and I knew I was going to be a little rusty yesterday when we played.  The clubs really felt good when you delivered them to me.  When I got a chance to hit them on the practice range for the first time it was like I had been playing steady for the last 8 months.  My set up was the same for each iron, I play the ball just in front of my right groin and my shaft is forward of the ball. I struck the ball with ease and I noticed right away that my shot pattern was so much straighter that the Pinhawks and most important to me was my distance was back to normal.  Otherwise my irons were true to my distances I was used to hitting the ball. An 8 iron is my 8 iron.

My iron play yesterday was really quite exceptional.  My flight pattern was so much straighter and a really nice high arc. We both commented how well I was hitting my irons. I can hardly wait to get to playing on a regular basis.  I did shoot a very nice 43-42=85.
The 6 iron on #7 par 3, 157 yards was fantastic, on line and stopped within 10 feet of the pin.  And then on #17 par 4, choked down on my 9 iron for my second shot of 114 yards. Just over the pin and past the hole by 10 feet. 

Jim, thanks again for taking the time to fit my clubs properly.  I'm sold on the Sterlings and I'm sure if other players want to play same length clubs and are willing to have them fitted properly (forget all the other clubs being sold as same length clubs) and online specials they will be as happy with a set of Sterlings as I am.

Please use me as reference to promote the new Sterlings and why players should use a real club fitting professional like yourself.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Welcome to Nashville Golf Clubfitter

I believe that all golfers deserve an opportunity to have more fun playing the great game of golf.   

Are you a golfer who is searching for improvements in Distance, Trajectory, Accuracy or Control of your golf shots?  

Holley’s Stix at Cedar Creek Sports Center in Mount Juliet, TN provides custom golf clubfitting services for golfers of all skill levels.  A comprehensive clubfitting and club analysis session will identify the golfer’s swing characteristics and match them with the optimal shafts, grips and club heads that are best suited to provide improved performance and increased enjoyment of the game of golf.  

The Holley’s Stix core business process is Custom Clubfitting Services. Selling golf clubs is not the goal – the priority is fitting golfers for the absolute best set of clubs they can use. Helping golfers play better golf and have more fun playing the game is the Holley’s Stix mission. We build and sell golf clubs because there is no assurance that the client could get clubs anywhere else that would conform to his/her precision assembly specifications. Holley’s Stix clubs are built to insure that our clients get clubs that are consistent throughout the set and satisfy the clubfitting specifications.  

If you are ready to take your golf game to a new level of fun and enjoyment send an email to to request an appointment.